Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Hosts Customer Appreciation Event

📅   Tue December 11, 2012 - Midwest Edition

Staff members met with customers over lunch.
Staff members met with customers over lunch.

The Kansas City, Mo., branch of Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., held a customer appreciation event Nov. 16. The event was held to thank customers for their continued business and patronage to the company. Attendees, had lunch, an equipment walk-a-round and a worksite technology presentation.

“It was a nice day to hold our fall customer appreciation lunch. Most importantly, I would like to thank our customers who put aside their own work schedules to join us. When customers attend these events, it gives you a good feeling that you must be doing something right to earn their time,” said Greg Knipp, branch manager, Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc.

Jason Welch, machine technology specialist, Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., was in attendance to present the following worksite solutions:

• JDLink – Built-in technology that allows customers to access information about the location and performance of their machines. It also provides data such as: machine hours, maintenance reminders, diagnostic codes and more.

• Fleet Care – This service interprets machine data and allows customers to increase machine availability and significantly lower their operating expenses.

• Service Advisor Remote – Allows Murphy Tractor to connect remotely to customers’ machines for diagnostic trouble codes, record performance data and update software without requiring a job site visit.

Murphy Tractor and Equipment Co. Inc., one of John Deere’s largest North American construction equipment dealer organizations, is headquartered in Park City, Kan. The organization has 28 locations throughout the states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nebraska.

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