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Auction results for Link-Belt 3400Q Excavators

Machines listed from most recent to oldest auction.

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Link-Belt 3400Q for $30000

  • Description: Link-Belt 3400Q Long Reach Excavator, Sn. E7188667, 60' reach, 6000 hrs.
  • Equipment Type: Crawler
  • Auction: Yoder & Frey at Kissimmee, FL on 2013-02-14
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Link-Belt 3400Q for $27500

  • Description: EROPS, A/C, 54" Bucket w/ Teeth, Esco Quick Change Coupler, 121" Stick, 32" TBG Tracks
  • Equipment Type: Crawler
  • Equipment Hours: 2845
  • Serial Number: 220021267
  • Auction: Bar None Auction at Sacramento, CA on 2012-08-11
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