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8531 Pulaski Highway
Baltimore MD 21237
Ph: 800-492-6994
Fax: 410-687-7708

John Alexander
Ph: 800-492-6994

Equip Manager

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Authorized dealer for

  • Caterpillar
  • NorAm
  • Peterson Pacific
  • Towmaster

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    Aerial Lifts2006 Terex S-60$68,000.00 More →
    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2000 Caterpillar RM350B$120,000.00 More →
    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving1986 Caterpillar SS250$30,000.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2008 Caterpillar 815F$310,000.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2008 Caterpillar 815F$285,000.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2000 Caterpillar 815F$268,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2014 John Deere 750K$155,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2004 Caterpillar D10R$710,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2011 Caterpillar D5K$69,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2011 Caterpillar D6K XL$89,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2008 Caterpillar D6K XL$68,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2005 Caterpillar D6N LGP$42,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2007 Caterpillar D6R$59,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2005 Caterpillar D6R$52,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2010 Caterpillar D6T$150,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2010 Caterpillar D6T$134,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2009 Caterpillar D6T$119,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2011 Caterpillar D7E$375,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2005 Caterpillar D8T$165,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2005 Caterpillar D8T$150,000.00 More →
    Crawler Loaders2008 Caterpillar 963$180,000.00 More →
    Crawler Loaders2002 Caterpillar 963$157,319.00 More →
    Crawler Loaders2004 Caterpillar 963$88,000.00 More →
    Crawler Loaders2003 Caterpillar 963Call for PriceMore →
    Excavators2013 Caterpillar 305E CR$49,000.00 More →
    Excavators2012 Caterpillar 319DL$104,000.00 More →
    Excavators2008 Caterpillar 320D$98,000.00 More →
    Excavators2009 Caterpillar 321D$137,000.00 More →
    Excavators2008 Caterpillar 321D$95,000.00 More →
    Excavators2006 Caterpillar 325$74,000.00 More →