Caledonia Diesel LLC
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2905 Simpson Road
Caledonia NY 14423
Ph: 800-311-2880
Fax: 585-538-6408

Gary Raymond
Ph: 800-311-2880

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Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2000 Gomaco GT6200 COMMANDER II$9,900.00 USDMore →
Backhoe Loaders2006 JCB 214E$33,900.00 USDMore →
Backhoe Loaders2008 JCB 3C$28,500.00 USDMore →
Backhoe Loaders1993 Caterpillar 416B$13,900.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2006 Hamm 3205$32,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2010 Ammann AV12-2$19,900.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2008 Bomag BW 120 AD-4$19,500.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2007 Bomag BW 177 D-3$39,500.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2006 Bomag BW 190 AD-4$49,700.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2007 Bomag BW 213 D-4$69,900.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2001 Hypac C754A$9,900.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2007 Dynapac CA150PD$39,500.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2007 Caterpillar CB14$14,900.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2012 Caterpillar CB54$62,900.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2012 Caterpillar CB54 XW$59,000.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2012 Dynapac CC524HF$49,900.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2010 Caterpillar CD54$99,900.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2008 Caterpillar CP433E$49,850.00 USDMore →
Compaction Equipment2008 Volvo DD138HF$44,900.00 USDMore →
Cranes1993 Grove AT635BE$52,000.00 USDMore →
Cranes1995 Broderson IC-80-2D$21,900.00 USDMore →
Cranes1998 Grove YB4408$19,750.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2007 Case 1150K WT$63,900.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2007 Case 750K WT$56,900.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2006 Komatsu D31PX21A$48,500.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2010 Caterpillar D5K LGP$88,900.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2008 Caterpillar D5K LGP$58,000.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2008 Caterpillar D5K XL$66,900.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers1999 Caterpillar D5M XL$40,900.00 USDMore →
Crawler Dozers2008 Caterpillar D6T XL$162,900.00 USDMore →