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16945 Camino San Bernardo
San Diego CA 92127
Ph: 800-437-4228

Craig Baker
Ph: 800-437-4228

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Authorized dealer for

  • Caterpillar
  • NorAm

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    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2006 Caterpillar AP1000D$130,000.00More →
    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2013 Caterpillar CB54B$124,000.00More →
    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2012 Caterpillar CS56B$115,000.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2007 Caterpillar 414ECall for PriceMore →
    Backhoe Loaders1995 Caterpillar 416B$25,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2011 Caterpillar 420E$69,000.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2008 Caterpillar 420E$52,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2012 Caterpillar 420F$110,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 420F$106,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 420F$97,000.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 420F$92,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2012 Caterpillar 420F$83,000.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 420F$82,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2012 Caterpillar 420F$74,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2012 Caterpillar 420F$73,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2012 Caterpillar 420F$72,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2012 Caterpillar 420F$71,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2007 Caterpillar 430E$45,000.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 430F$101,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2012 Caterpillar 430F$95,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 430F$93,000.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2012 Caterpillar 430F$87,000.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2012 Caterpillar 430F$85,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2012 Caterpillar 430F$81,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2012 Caterpillar 430F$80,500.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2012 Case 570N XT$84,000.00More →
    Backhoe Loaders2012 Case 570N XT$60,650.00More →
    Compact Track Loaders2011 Caterpillar 259B III$37,000.00More →
    Compact Track Loaders2004 Caterpillar 287B$22,500.00More →
    Compact Track Loaders2012 Caterpillar 289C$48,500.00More →