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    Aerial Lifts2009 JLG 1230ESStarting at $2,500.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2007 JLG 1930ESStarting at $1,700.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2011 JLG 20MVLStarting at $1,100.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2011 JLG 2646ESStarting at $1,000.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 JLG 3246ESStarting at $1,800.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2009 JLG 3394RTStarting at $6,250.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2014 JLG 400SStarting at $25,000.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 JLG 4394RTStarting at $3,250.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 JLG 450Starting at $7,500.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 JLG 450A IIStarting at $9,500.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 JLG 450AJ SIIStarting at $7,500.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 JLG 600AStarting at $8,000.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2004 JLG 600SStarting at $8,000.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2004 JLG 600SStarting at $8,000.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2011 Genie AWP-30 SStarting at $1,800.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2011 Genie AWP-30 SStarting at $1,000.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2010 Genie GR-20Starting at $2,600.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2012 Genie GR-20Starting at $1,000.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GR-20Starting at $1,000.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2010 Genie GS-3232Starting at $2,000.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2010 Genie GS-3232Starting at $2,000.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GS-5390Starting at $3,250.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2006 Genie GS1930Starting at $1,000.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GS3232Starting at $1,800.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GS3232Starting at $1,800.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GS3246Starting at $1,800.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 HY-BRID HB1030Starting at $900.00More →
    Aerial Lifts2012 Haulotte HB68JStarting at $18,000.00More →
    Aerial Lifts Skyjack SJ12Starting at $900.00More →
    Aerial Lifts SNORKEL TB-A60RDStarting at $2,000.00More →

    IronPlanet is where sellers see faster and greater returns and buyers can find good deals on inspected equipment. It’s a marketplace that has attracted more than one million registered users around the globe selling nearly $4 billion in equipment, and is still growing. We offer several different platforms for buying and selling within our family of brands, which allows the customer to choose what works best for them.

    Sell your used equipment where it is. Our inspection pros come to your location and complete the detailed inspections, giving global buyers the information they need to feel confident to buy.

    Buy the used equipment you need at the price you are willing to pay. Our detailed inspection report shows you exactly what you’re getting, and we stand behind it. That’s what our IronClad Assurance ® buyer protection program stands for.

    Behind this simple and hassle free online experience you’ll also find people committed to excellence. Whether you’re buying, selling, or both, rest assured you’ll be treated fairly in the process.