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1400 Cecil Avenue
Louisville KY 40232
Ph: 502-774-4441
Ph: 800-494-2963
Fax: 502-778-3453

Scott Robinson
Ph: 502-774-4441
Ph: 800-494-2963

Frank McAllister

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Authorized dealer for

  • Caterpillar
  • Hydrema
  • Towmaster
  • Virnig

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    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GS-2032$5,053.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2013 Genie GS-2646$18,000.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GS2032 G84$5,053.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GS2032 G84$5,053.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GS2032 G84$5,053.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GS2032 G84$5,053.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2007 Genie GS2032 G84$4,737.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GS2668 RT$12,632.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GS2668 RT$11,579.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GS2668 RT G84$12,105.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie GS2668 RT G84$10,526.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie S-45$23,158.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2007 Genie S40 G84$19,895.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie S45D G84$24,211.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2007 Genie S60$30,094.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie S60$28,421.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie S60$27,895.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie S60$27,895.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie S60$27,895.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2007 Genie S60$26,526.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie S60$25,789.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2007 Genie S60$25,263.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2007 Genie S60$22,632.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie S60 G84$27,895.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2008 Genie S60 G84$25,789.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2007 Genie S80 G84$41,053.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2003 Genie Z-45$14,000.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2007 Genie Z-45/25$21,368.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2006 Genie Z30/20N G84$13,158.00 More →
    Aerial Lifts2006 Genie Z30/20N G84$13,158.00 More →

    Wayne Cat

    The story of Whayne Cat is the story of over a century of success. In 1913 a young businessman by the name of Roy C. Whayne decided to take advantage of the boom in the Louisville economy. The Roy C. Whayne Company was born.

    In 1915, Roy’s brother Harry joined the company. A major move came in 1920 when Whayne came to represent Holt Manufacturing’s track equipment. When Holt joined with C.L. Best Company, Caterpillar was created. Thus began one of the strongest dealer/manufacturer relationships in the business.

    The years between the Depression and the end of World War II saw both challenges and opportunities for the company. While the Depression necessitated not a small number of belt-tightening measures, New Deal Construction projects certainly provided a boon for the company. As the country was dragged into the Second World War, Whayne Supply became a very successful distribution firm.

    The post-war period was one of expansion. The end of the war brought with it a construction boom and during this time Whayne Cat opened multiple new branches in Kentucky. The 60’s and 70’s saw the company weather many challenges, including the economic crisis of the mid 70’s, which required the company to employ a variety of cost-cutting measures. Whayne Cat took these challenges on in stride, and went into the 21st century positioned as a global player.

    Today, Whayne Cat’s success is rooted in a century old tradition of hard work and dedication.

    Whayne Cat on Construction Equipment Guide

    The Web site for Construction Equipment Guide lists hundreds of pieces of Whayne Cat used equipment. Our holdings offer detailed information on each piece, including Hours, Make/Model, and Serial/Stock numbers. In addition, the CEG database contains thousands of photos of Whayne’s used equipment.

    Representing Caterpillar, Whayne Cat’s used equipment includes asphalt pavers, excavators and telescopic handlers to mention a few.

    The Construction Equipment Guide Web site offers a convenient and fast way to look up the most detailed information on used equipment. In addition, CEG is unique in that in addition to offering a large used equipment database, it also offers the latest news on the industry. CEG readers have come to trust the publication as a relied upon source for industry trends that affect them directly.

    Dealer Information at a Glance
    CEG also provides easy access to specific dealer information, allowing readers to immediately contact dealers like Whayne Cat with any questions they may have in a variety of means.

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    This page is your gateway to get the latest information on Whayne Cat’s used equipment, as well as any news articles about the company.