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5300 West Old Yellowstone Hwy
Casper WY 82604
Ph: 888-651-0151
Ph: 307-474-1000
Fax: 307-261-4486

Jim Pieper

Equip Manager

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Authorized dealer for

  • Caterpillar
  • Champion
  • Dynapac
  • Felling
  • Towmaster

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    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2007 Caterpillar CS-563E$62,000.00 More →
    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2012 Caterpillar CS64$146,000.00 More →
    Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2011 Caterpillar PS-360C$132,000.00 More →
    Backhoe Loaders2007 Caterpillar 420E$88,700.00 More →
    Backhoe Loaders2011 Caterpillar 420E IT$83,000.00 More →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 420F$96,000.00 More →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 420F IT$117,000.00 More →
    Backhoe Loaders2014 Caterpillar 420F IT$115,000.00 More →
    Backhoe Loaders2015 Caterpillar 420F IT$115,000.00 More →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 420F IT$107,000.00 More →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 420F IT$105,000.00 More →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 420F IT$94,750.00 More →
    Backhoe Loaders2013 Caterpillar 420F IT$89,000.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2013 Caterpillar 815F II$385,000.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2012 Caterpillar 815F II$322,500.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2014 Weiler C110$82,000.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2008 Caterpillar CB534D XW$78,000.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2012 Caterpillar CB64$142,000.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2012 Caterpillar CB64$128,000.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2012 Caterpillar CB64$119,000.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2011 Caterpillar CB64$105,750.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2012 Caterpillar CB64$99,000.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2011 Caterpillar CP44$100,000.00 More →
    Compaction Equipment2013 Caterpillar CS44$127,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2010 Caterpillar D6N$360,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2011 Caterpillar D6N$242,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2012 Caterpillar D6N$205,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2006 Caterpillar D6N$169,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2006 Caterpillar D6R XL$220,000.00 More →
    Crawler Dozers2013 Caterpillar D6T$350,000.00 More →