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Hamm Compaction Equipment for Sale

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2009 Hamm HD10C for sale by Woods CRW Corp of NH

Now Only: $23,000.00

2009 Hamm HD10C

Desc: 1,662 Hours; NEW Hatz Diesel Engine 3472lbs drum width 39.5" w/rops;

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2004 Hamm HD12 for sale by Monroe Tractor

Now Only: $21,998.00

2004 Hamm HD12

Desc: 1030 Hours, Just reduced! Deutz model 1011F engine. One owner unit. Engine: Deutz 1011F Oil condition, good Oil cooler, good Radiator, good Cooling system, good Exhaust, good Fuel system, good Batteries, good Frame: Main, good Front - rear, good Fenders, good Articulation joint, good Sheet metal, good Brakes, good Drums, good Parking, good Drive train: Planetaries, good Differentials, good Steering system: Steering cylinders, good Linkage, good Steering wheel, good Articulation, good Oscillation, good Hydraulic pump, good

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2007 Hamm HD8VV for sale by Roland Machinery

Now Only: $18,500.00

2007 Hamm HD8VV

Desc: 548 Hours; 20 hp;

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1998 Hamm 2210 for sale by Tar Heel Machinery, LLC

Now Only: $17,000.00

1998 Hamm 2210

Desc: 2,196 Hours; Nice 54" Pad Drum roller with only 2,196 original hours Front knock down blade, tires average 70-75%. Very good feet. Torn seat...

Click for more detail: Hamm 2210 For Sale

2005 Hamm HD12 for sale by Admar Supply Company

Now Only: $15,900.00

2005 Hamm HD12

Desc: 1,900 Hours; CONTACT DICK POMPONIO AT DDS COMPANIES AT 585-359-7540 or dpomponio@ddscompanies.com. Hamm HD12 smooth drum roller. 47" 3 ton...

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1997 Hamm HD12 for sale by Abele Tractor & Equipment

Now Only: $14,800.00

1997 Hamm HD12

Desc: 1,802 Hours

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1989 Hamm HW90B for sale by Iron Planet

Now Only: $1.00

1989 Hamm HW90B

Desc: 1511 Hours, 1989 Hamm HW90/12 Static 3 Wheel Compactor

Click for more detail: Hamm HW90B For Sale

2003 Hamm HW90B for sale by Iron Planet

Now Only: $1.00

2003 Hamm HW90B

Desc: 3948 Hours, 2003 (unverified) Hamm HW90B/10 3 Wheel Compactor

Click for more detail: Hamm HW90B For Sale

2010 Hamm HDplus120VO for sale by Iron Planet

Now Only: $1.00

2010 Hamm HDplus120VO

Desc: 3190 Hours, 2010 Hamm HD+120VO Vibratory & Oscillatory Double Drum Compactor

Click for more detail: Hamm HDplus120VO For Sale

 Hamm 3012DS for sale by Purple Wave

Now Only: $1.00

 Hamm 3012DS

Desc: 5488 Hours, Hamm 3012DS vibratory pad foot compactor 5,488 hours on meter Deutz BF41913 four cylinder diesel engine Serial 8343584 Hydrostatic transmission ROPS Grammer seat 66"L x 48" diameter drum Rear pin hitch 14.9-24 tires 16,420 lbs. base operating weight Manual Serial 33-36T4D

Click for more detail: Hamm 3012DS For Sale

2008 Hamm 3410P for sale by McLean Company

Call for Price

Desc: 79 Hours; 136 hp; Rental Return One -Hamm Single Drum Pad Foot Self-Propelled Vibratory Roller, Model 3410P Pad 84” drum complete with: Deutz...

Click for more detail: Hamm 3410P For Sale

2012 Hamm 3412 for sale by McLean Company

Call for Price

Desc: 43 Hours; 136 hp; Rental return One - Hamm Single Drum Self-Propelled Vibratory Compactor, Model 3412 Engine Model: Deutz TCD 2012 L04 2V...

Click for more detail: Hamm 3412 For Sale

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