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JESCO Hosts LeeBoy, Paving Products Open House

Jim Harkins (far R), northeast territory manager of VT LeeBoy, draws a crowd around a LeeBoy 8515B paver. Throughout the afternoon, Harkins explained the features and benefits of several LeeBoy pavers to interested paving contractors.
This LeeBoy 8816B paver had many contractors thinking they’d want to add it to their paving fleet.
Mike Rebuth (L) and Guy Checchio, both of Checchio Paving, Scotch Plains, N.J., were really interested in this LeeBoy 8500B paver.
JESCO in South Plainfield, N.J., proved to be a great place to stop by for a late lunch or dinner on April 7. A host of LeeBoy pavers was also on the menu.
Skip Gifford of Skip Gifford Blacktop drove all the way from Greentown, Pa., southeast of Scranton, to check out the LeeBoy equipment at JESCO’s paving products open house. Gifford was really interested in this LeeBoy L250 asphalt machine.
It wasn’t just the big pavers that drew all of the attention. Many contractors consistently encircled this Bomag BVP 18/45 vibratory plate during the open house.
(L-R): Ken Pesta, signature account manager of JESCO; Chris Johnson of Railroad Construction Company, Paterson, N.J.; Anthony Falzarano, vice president of sales, JESCO; and Ralph Checcio of Checcio Paving, Scotch Plains, N.J., all take a brief moment from talking paving for a quick photo for CEG.
Jim Harkins (far L) of VT LeeBoy was a little like the pied piper of pavers, drawing a crowd wherever he went.

JESCO held an open house April 7 at its headquarters in South Plainfield, N.J., showcasing LeeBoy pavers. LeeBoy also provided seminars on paver operation and maintenance throughout the event.

“We are very proud of our roadbuilding and maintenance product line and felt that an open house was the best way to show our customers first hand the range of LeeBoy pavers and other roadbuilding and maintenance equipment we offer,” said Emilio Pescatore, sales manager of JESCO. “It was also a great opportunity to meet with our customers one-on-one, show them our facility and provide them with a paving operation and maintenance best practices seminar.”

JESCO had a variety of roadbuilding and maintenance products on display, such as all LeeBoy pavers, Bomag rollers, a John Deere 332D skid steer with a cold planer attachment, a John Deere 329D CTL with a sweeper broom attachment, a John Deere 310J backhoe and a variety of ROSCO products.

Jim Harkins, LeeBoy’s northeast territory manager, who has been with the company for 10 years, was present and very busy throughout the event, giving a number of seminars to attendees interested in LeeBoy products. Harkins provided in-depth tips and techniques for proper paver operation, such as screed and conveyor adjustments and maintenance tips that help prevent downtime on the job.

Harkins also met with JESCO customers who have recently purchased LeeBoy pavers and scheduled one-on-one paver operation and maintenance training sessions that will take place on their next paving project.

“Hosting a paving specific open house exemplifies JESCO’s continued commitment to the asphalt paving industry,” said Harkins. “I look forward to working with JESCO’s sales representatives and customers in the field.”

Throughout the event, a barbeque style lunch was served. In addition, a number of items such as hats, t-shirts, pens and pads were packaged in a JESCO canvas bag and given to guests.

“We are pleased that so many of our customers were able to attend the event and meet one of our vendors one-on-one,” said Pescatore. “This event was another step to build upon our customer, dealer and vendor relationships.”

For more information, visit www.jesco.us or call 800/241-7070.