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Ajax Expands Paving Train for U.S. 41 Project

Ajax Paving Industries is hard at work south of Ruskin, Fla., repaving a section of U.S. 41.
Trail King live bottom trucks line up to feed the Weiler transfer vehicle.
Crews use the Weiler transfer vehicle to move asphalt to the transfer tub.
Crews used the Trail King live bottom trailer to feed the Weiler transfer vehicle.

Ajax Paving Industries is hard at work south of Ruskin, Fla., repaving a section of U.S. 41. The job involves removing 1.5 in. (3.8 cm) of old pavement and resurfacing with two lifts of new asphalt. Crews are using two milling machines to remove the asphalt. In addition, the paving train consists of a Volvo P7170 paver, Weiler E1250A transfer vehicle and eight Trail King Advantage OLB (over the fifth wheel live bottom) trailers.

“It seems like with the live bottoms it is a little more efficient for us, said Roy “Gator” Patrick, vice president of Asphalt Paving Operations of Ajax Paving Industries in Florida. “We have found that it is helping us not to have to deal with segregation as much. I don't know what that difference is but it seems to make a difference compared to a standard dump truck.”

The Trail King Advantage OLB trucks are carrying 23 to 23.5 tons (20.9 to 21.3 t) in each load.

“We also are using them for the milling operation,” said Patrick. “After they dump their asphalt they are loaded by the milling machine and carry that back to the asphalt plant where they get another load of asphalt.”

The Weiler transfer vehicle feeds a transfer tub in the hopper of the Volvo paver, which allows the transfer machine to keep the tub full. The transfer tub holds 8 to 10 tons (7.3 to 9.1 t), and eliminates spillage in front of the paver.

“Without the box we would have spillage,” said Patrick.

Two Sakai vibratory rollers are used behind the paver on the roadway and an 8-ton (7.

3 t) roller is used for the shoulders. Another Sakai roller is used for finish rolling. Crews are laying 1500 tons (1,360 t) per day at 1 in. (2.5 cm) using a standard mix. Hauls on this job are 7 to 8 mi. (11.3 to 12.9).

“From a safety standpoint they [Trail King live bottom trailers] are very good,” said Patrick. “Especially when we are working night time the paver operator doesn't have to worry about overhanging trees, wires or light systems. To me it is a safer smoother operation. We have eight of the Trail King trailers working out of our Nokmis plant. I would like to have about 30 more.”

Flagler Construction Equipment supplied Ajax Paving with the Trail King live bottom trailers.

“Flagler has been superb to deal with,” said Patrick. “We have had very few problems but when we did they jumped right on them.”

Herb Jacob founded Ajax Paving Industries in 1951. At the time, the operation was located in Madison Heights, Mich., but in 1981 Ajax Paving relocated to Florida. Today, Jamie Jacob runs the operation, and Mike Horan is the Florida president. Ajax has seven plant locations in Florida from Naples to north of Tampa. The company's headquarters are located on 510 Gene Green Rd. Nokomis, Fla. 34275.

For more information visit www.ajaxpaving.com.