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James River Hosts Skeet Shooting Event in Harmony

(L-R): Jim Thompson, Paul Ware and Ken Johnson, all of Martin Marietta Materials, head out on the course.
Paul Ware of Martin Marietta Materials took perfect aim and blasted both clays.
Mark Ross of Tennoca Construction in Candler, N.C., was one of the few who shot the clay during the long range section of the clay shoot.
Laci McCauley of C&J Utilities in Burlington, N.C., takes aim.
Brad Ratledge (L) and Phil Dotson, both of Vulcan Materials Company, enjoy a day of shooting.
Ron Ciolfi (L) of Finn uses his Remington 1100 12 gauge, while Randy Hall of Eager Beaver Trailers uses his Glock model 22, a 40 caliber pistol.
Terry Thomas (L) of James River Equipment welcomes Steve Burleyson of Blythe Construction.
Mark Romer (L), president of James River Equipment, visits with Mark Ross and Kenny Greene, both of Tennoca Construction in Candler, N.C.
(L-R): Hunter Perkins, Dalton Dillon, Chris Lineback, Vic Dillon, Tim Perkins, all of Dillon Tree Service in Colfax, N.C., and Mark Snow of James River Equipment prepare for the event.
Contractors from Greensboro, Charlotte and Asheville came to enjoy the day.
(L-R): Marty and Jeff Greene of KRG Utility in Lenoir, N.C.; Emerson Crawford of SKA Consulting Engineers; Bobby Bald and Jeff Denny, both of the city of Greensboro; Scott Knox of John Deere; and Ronnie Rowe of James River Equipment, talk about the event.
Todd Hunnicutt of Blue Ridge Excavating in Bostic, N.C., shoots both of the clays in this station.
Brad Ratledge (L) of Vulcan Materials East region and Marcus Archer of James River Equipment drive around the course.
Marty (L) and Jeff Greene, both of KRG Utility in Lenoir, N.C., use Browning 12 gauge shotguns.
Mookie Leftwich (L) of James River Equipment talks (L-R) with Nancy and Jerry Warren, Laci McCauley and Steven Warren, all of C&J Utilities Inc. in Burlington, N.C.
Judge Avery (L) and Damien Hollifield, both of Young & McQueen Grading Inc. in Burnsville, N.C., enjoy the day.

James River Equipment Company, the John Deere Dealer in Virginia and central and western North Carolina, held a skeet shooting customer appreciation event for its North Carolina customers at the Hunting Creek Preserves in Harmony, N.C. More than 150 customers and friends attended the event.Hunting Creek Preserves encompass more than 2,000 acres for the bird-hunting enthusiast, including large areas planted for South Dakota style pheasant hunting. The preserves are managed specifically for upland bird hunting and areas have excellent cover. The preserve features a challenging 13-station sporting clays course.