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Flagler Unveils Products, Services at Trade Event

(L-R): Tommy Ball, senior vice president and partner of Flagler; Donald P. Woodruff, Woodruff & Sons, Bradenton, Fla.; Mike Jarrell, American Construction & Engineering in Bartow, Fla.; and Rich Fuist, RIPA & Associates, Tampa, Fla.
Gene Malouff, service technician, heads out to help a customer.
Chad Hastings and Alex Cottrill and Matt Morris, all of the Flagler sales team get a first-hand look at some of the newest products offered from Volvo.
Alan Olson, parts manager in Tampa, pulls a part from the Remstar storage system.

Volvo Construction Equipment recently hosted a trade review event at the new Flagler Construction Equipment LLC headquarters in Tampa, Fla.

The event was held to introduce trade media representatives to its three newest products: the G-Series artic haulers (represented by the A40G); EC380E crawler excavator; and L150H/L180H/L220H large wheel loaders (represented by the L150H). It also provided guests the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new facility and what Flagler has to offer.

Tommy Ball, senior vice president and partner of Flagler, took the opportunity to discuss the resilience of Flagler throughout the economic downturn of 2008, and future plans for the company.

“In 2007/2008 when the Florida economy collapsed, Flagler's new branch in Fort Myers saw a drastic decrease in its local business due to the decline of the residential market. That business is coming back strong, and the facility is now Flagler's major rebuild facility.”

Ball credits the growth of Flagler to the phosphate and residential market as well as a new highway bill.

“If you look at Flagler 2014 year to date, its industry is up more than 80 percent and its Penn Jersey market is up more than 30 percent. Both companies have enjoyed a very good 2014 market not only in its heavy equipment divisions, but in its road machinery, and compact divisions as well.”

Ian Harvey, Volvo director of product marketing and communication, discussed Volvo's core values

“Core values at Volvo stand for safety, quality and environmental care. Certainly the safety aspect we take very seriously. The quality is built in there and the environmental care in everything we do. Even in the new facility we are building, the environmental care is very important.”

Harvey also talked about Volvo's impact and global reach.

“We are a 45 billion dollar company. Volvo reaches out to many other different parts of the world. We have a Volvo real estate group. The majority of out people are based in Europe. We employ about 15,000 people, about 7,000 of them are in Europe, we have another 5,000 in the Far East and Asia, and there are a couple of thousand in the Americas.”

Volvo and Flagler product experts were on hand to provide detailed information on each machine.

The press had the opportunity to talk with the dealer staff and principals and to interview three Flagler / Volvo CE customers: Don Woodruff, president, Woodruff & Sons; Mike Jarrell, president of Dolime Minerals; and Rich Fuist, director of fleet operations, Ripa and Associates. The customers talked about their operations, how the Volvo equipment performs for them, their perspective on the construction industry market in general, as well as how Tier IV final regulations are affecting their companies and their buying decisions.

Flagler has seven locations throughout Florida including Lake City, Tampa, Ft. Myers, Davie, Orlando, Jacksonville and a parts only facility in Miami. Flagler and Penn Jersey's goal in the future is to reach every port of entry on the eastern seaboard. Currently, Penn Jersey has locations in Deptford and Flemington, N.J., Lionville, Pa., and Staten Island, N.Y., and is moving into the Baltimore and Virginia markets with its allied products.