Volvo Introduces P4410B Paver

📅   Mon June 26, 2017 - National Edition

The P4410B tracked paver from Volvo Construction Equipment is a powerful machine in a compact package — bridging the gap between heavy-commercial and light-highway paving.
The P4410B tracked paver from Volvo Construction Equipment is a powerful machine in a compact package — bridging the gap between heavy-commercial and light-highway paving.

Born from the Blaw-Knox legacy, the P4410B is the latest addition to the B-Series lineup of tracked pavers from Volvo Construction Equipment. With a 155-hp (115 kW) Deutz Tier IV Final engine, the P4410B delivers power for a range of applications, as well as a 5 percent fuel efficiency improvement over its predecessor. Engineered to be easy to transport and maneuverable on site, the P4410B is productive for its size due to a factory-fit Ultimat16 front-mount screed and a host of design elements that make it easier to operate and maintain, according to the manufacturer.

“The P4410B is designed to be the most utilized paver in any fleet,” said John Mooney, product manager at Volvo Construction Equipment. “Whether the job is light highway or heavy commercial, the paver's unique size combined with its powerful engine, front-extending screed and ease of use make this machine a utility tool for any paving contractor. Adding to its versatility is the ability to install most auto-grade and slope systems.”

Sizing Up for the Job

With a 98-in. transport width and an overall length of 17 ft. 10 in. (5.4 m), the P4410B can be easily transported along with a small asphalt compactor. Once on site, the Ultimat 16 screed can hydraulically extend to quickly double the machine's base width to a full 16 ft. (4.8 m). Add additional extensions for an 18-ft. (5.5 m) paving width. At 6,500 lbs. (2,948 kg), the Ultimat 16 delivers a consistently smooth surface at high density and full width. The auger-to-screed distance also is adjustable via the tow arm position, allowing flexibility for any application and asphalt mix.

Dual screed consoles and remote controls are placed with ergonomics at top of mind, allowing enhanced visibility and precise speed control. Combined with power slope and power crown, large hopper capacity, and durable rolled hopper wings that prevent material built-up — the P4410B enables high throughput and laydown volumes.

All the Features of a Larger Machine

The P4410B is packed with features typically associated with larger 10-ft. (3 m) machines. Common controls with other Volvo pavers put the paving crew at ease upon first use. The machine also features large 20-in. (50.8 cm) foldable walkways, plentiful handrails, non-slip footing and glare-resistant hood paint for safety and ease of movement around the platform. The 60-in. (152 cm) low deck and 360-degree visibility around the paver, hopper, auger channel and screed enable the operator to check material flow at a glance. The convenient swing console, which hosts intuitively grouped and clearly labeled controls, allows operation from both sides of the machine.

For a more comfortable ride, the engine delivers low noise levels, while the built-in SmokEater extraction system collects and disposes fumes from the hot mix away from operators.

Servicing Made Simple

Large opening panels offer easy access to daily checkpoints and filters, while strategically placed hydraulic test ports keep machine downtime to a minimum. Combined with the clean hose and harness routing, the practical design of the paver provides reliability and durability. Maintenance-free auger and conveyor bearings eliminate daily and weekly greasing to reduce the need for daily maintenance. Features such as uncomplicated hydraulics, long-lasting wear plates, simple drive chains, straightforward solenoid controls and the clutch-free design promote high machine uptime and keep repair costs low. With reliable Tier IV Final engine technology, the operation can benefit from longer 500-hour regen intervals.

Coast-to-Coast Support, Fast Parts

Regardless of where your work takes you, the P4410B is supported by Volvo through available technology and outstanding dealer support. Additionally, the P4410B is backed by the Volvo 24-Hour Parts Guarantee, which guarantees Class 1 (machine down/emergency) parts delivery within 24 hours in the United States, including Alaska, and within 48 hours to Canada and Hawaii.

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