Caterpillar 5080


Height - Top of Cab15.90 ft (5 m)
Length of Track on Ground19.20 ft (6 m)
Length of Tracks23.40 ft (7 m)
Upper Structure Ground Clearance5.40 ft (2 m)


Displacement891 cu in (0 m)
Engine Model3,406
Net Power428 hp (319 kw)

Loading Shovel

Max Cutting Height36.10 ft (11 m)
Max Dig Depth8.90 ft (3 m)
Max Dig Reach23 ft (7 m)

Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity261.60 gal (990 l)


Backhoe Ground Pressure - Shoe 116 psi
Backhoe Operating Weight - Shoe 1184,747.40 lbs (83,801 kg)
Backhoe Shoe Width 129.60 in (75 cm)
Loading Shovel Ground Pressure16 psi
Loading Shovel Operating Weight184,747.40 lbs (83,801 kg)
Max Travel Speed2.80 mph (5 kph)

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