AED Congratulates Senate EPW on Approval of Highway Bill

Fri November 11, 2011 - National Edition

Associated Equipment Distributors President and Chief Executive Officer Toby Mack released the following statement in response to the unanimous approval by the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee of Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21), a two-year surface transportation reauthorization bill that would keep highway funding at current levels adjusted for inflation.

"Congratulations to Chairwoman Boxer and Ranking Member Inhofe for their leadership in crafting a bill that both protects highway funding and makes major program improvements. The legislation is further evidence of a growing awareness on Capitol Hill about the strong correlation between infrastructure investment, jobs, and the nation’s long-term economic health.

"Today’s vote [Nov. 9] is an important first step in a long process that is, unfortunately, years behind schedule. Time is running out on the most recent highway extension. We therefore urge the Senate Finance Committee to act swiftly to identify the additional resources necessary to pay for MAP-21 and urge the House to make parallel legislation a top priority between now and the end of the year.

"AED and our members around the country will continue to engage in the highway debate at the highest level until we’ve enacted long-term infrastructure legislation that lays a solid foundation for our nation’s economic future."