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AED: Sales Compensation Dips 3.7 Percent Below 1999 Levels

Thu December 11, 2003 - National Edition

After climbing 4.8 percent from 1999 to 2000, average compensation for all equipment distribution sales reps fell 1.6 percent in 2001. Compensation fell another 6.6 percent from 2001 to 2002, and at $72,827 in 2002, compensation was 3.7 percent less than 1999 compensation, according to the Association of Equipment Distributors (AED) new Sales Compensation Report.

Specialized dealership sales reps saw the biggest drop, with compensation declining 18.4 percent to $68,557. Medium dealership sales reps (majority of equipment sold is less than 100 horsepower) received 7.8 percent less compensation in 2002 — $59,406, down from $64,429 in 2001. Heavy dealership sales reps (majority of equipment 100-horsepower-plus) did better: Compensation fell just 4.6% to $78,267.

(This article appears courtesy of AED)