Ala.’s McGatha Construction Donates $100K to Boys Club

Fri April 03, 2009 - Southeast Edition

Harley McGatha, president of Harley McGatha Construction, gave $100,000 to finish the Boys and Girls Club of South Rome, Ga.

“This was an exciting opportunity for us,” McGatha said. “We started the job and as it progressed we realized that the Boys Club needed so much more than they had budgeted. We wanted them to be able to meet the needs of the community, so we donated the needed changes.”

As a result, McGatha said, the building is providing much needed space and has changed the look of South Rome.

“The building is helping with redeveloping efforts in South Rome and it’s instrumental in changing the city,” Kerry Edge, resource development Boys and Girls Club, said.

“I would like to personally thank [Harley and his company] for their recent donation to the city of Rome for the new Rome Boys and Girls Club facility,” said Rome City Manager John Bennett. “This project is very important to the development of the children in our city and your donation has been instrumental in completion of the new building.”