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Altec Industries Introduces New Crane Features

Thu February 03, 2011 - National Edition

Altec Industries, will exhibit three cranes at ConExpo 2011.

The newest feature is the tilt cab option, which is available on all riding seat models. A truck-mounted AC38-127S will feature this option, designed to offer crane operators increased vertical visibility and less neck strain during particular work applications. The tilt cab allows the operator to adjust the angle of the cab with hydraulic power.

To show the versatility of the AC38-127S, the unit will be displayed mounted on a track carrier, which is used for job sites not accessible by truck. This configuration provides customers a solution that offers a higher total return on investment than alternative lifting solutions, according to the manufacturer.

Typical uses include construction of electric power transmission lines and oil field work on remote sites.

A truck-mounted AC23-95B also will be displayed, which features a combination of safety and productivity benefits. Out-and-down outriggers provide increased productivity during setup in confined areas with short-span, mid-span and full-span load charts.

From the control station, operators can safely access the bed using the walk-though control consoles. Outrigger controls at the crane controls, in addition to outrigger controls at ground level, reduce the access/egress frequency required to setup the crane and reduce the operator’s exposure to potential slip, trip and fall hazards.

The cranes displayed will be equipped with the following safety features:

• Outrigger interlocks help prevent boom operation prior to deploying the outriggers.

• Outrigger controls at ground level, and located within view of the outrigger shoes, help prevent crush hazards.

• Winch drum rotation indicators signal the operator of winch drum motion and speed.

• Area protection in the load moment indicator helps warn the operator of potential overhead hazards.

• Load moment indicators programmed with a 50 percent de-rate for personnel handling with pin-on platforms.

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