Alternative Selected for MLK Jr. Boulevard Extension in NC

Wed February 15, 2006 - Southeast Edition

The North Carolina (NCDOT) has selected an extension of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (State Road 1223) that will run 2.2 mi. from NC 200 (Lancaster Avenue) to Goldmine Road (SR 1162) as the preferred alternative for Transportation Improvement Program project U-3412 A and B in Union County.

“We are excited to move this high-priority project for Monroe forward,” said Board of Transportation Member Larry Helms of Indian Trail.  “This project will significantly improve access to schools along the route, reduce truck traffic in the downtown and provide motorists with a new route to access the northern and southern parts of the city.”

The proposed Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard extension will be constructed as a two-lane road, but NCDOT will acquire enough right of way for a future four-lane roadway. The roadway also will have partial control of access, which means only one access onto the new roadway will be allowed for properties with no other access.

The final environmental document for this project is scheduled for release during spring 2006. Right of way acquisition is scheduled to begin during fiscal year 2007 and construction is scheduled to begin during fiscal year 2009.

A public hearing regarding the proposed project was held in June 2005 and two alternatives (Alternative 1 and Alternative 5) were presented.  Alternative 1, the one NCDOT selected, will extend from NC 200 near Corinth Church Road (SR 1158) to Goldmine Road at existing Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. 

The second alternative presented would have extended from NC 200 north of Brooks Farm Road to Goldmine Road at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.