Arlington Heavy Hauling Opens Location Near Major Florida Port

Fri February 01, 2008 - Southeast Edition

Arlington Heavy Hauling has opened up a new location within a mile of north Florida’s largest port.

The Jacksonville hauling company said the 7-acre property near Blount Island gives it a geographical advantage.

Founded in 2001 by President Annette Mears and Vice President Gary Ayers, the company will haul nationwide, but it primarily stays in the Southeast. It has annual permits in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Virginia.

It specializes in hauling construction equipment and its drivers are trained equipment operators. This means a contractor doesn’t have to supply an operator on-site for pickup or delivery.

Arlington, which employs 45 people, has a fleet of 30 tractors and 50 trailers, including 50- to 55-ton (45 to 50 t) RGNs, extendable RGNs, extendable flatbeds, Landolls, 48-ft. (14.6 m) flatbeds and 55-ton beam trailers.

For large job site mobilizations, Arlington can supply a fleet of five or 10 trucks to ensure all of the equipment arrives on a timely basis.

Arlington has been an agent for Dallas Mavis Specialized Carrier since March 2003. The company said teaming up with a large national carrier enables it to have access to 1,000 trucks nationwide and broker loads as it sees fit.

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