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Mack Econodyne for $7000

  • Description: 87 Mack Econodyne DM690S Tandem Cab & Chassis Vin: 1M2B179C6HA001280, OD Reads: 36,257 Miles, Mack EM6 275L Engine, 275 Hp, Mack T2070 7 Sp Trans, 208 WB, Axle 18k/44k, Air Brakes, AM/FM, Cass, Tilt, Air Ride Seat, 22' Bed, Steel Buds Fr, Steel Daytons Rr
  • Auction: I.R.A.Y. Auction at Fole, MN on 2013-09-13
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Mack Econodyne for $11000