Bane Machinery Added as Giberson Dealer in Texas

Wed September 03, 2008 - West Edition

Giberson Enterprises, master distributor for the Eco-Crusher, has added Bane Machinery as the dealer for Houston, Dallas and Ft. Worth effective Aug. 1.

Bane Machinery has agreed to inventory all Eco-Crusher excavator-mounted jaw crusher bucket models and wear parts. Attaching to any size or model of excavator, the Eco-Crusher scoops and crushes concrete, brick, block, asphalt, aggregate, and more onsite — saving contractors hundreds of dollars per truckload on hauling and tipping costs, according to the manufacturer.

“The Eco-Crusher line represents innovative, industry leading rock crushing technology designed to make our customers more efficient in their disposition of waste concrete and rock,” Tom Hlawek of Bane said. “In fact, in most cases, using Eco-Crusher’s diverse line of excavator mounted crusher buckets a contractor can turn an expense into an income stream. Since 1963, the Bane family has strived to represent only the industries best products, and now proudly adds the Eco-Crusher line to that legacy.”

The Eco-Crusher line includes the BF60 for 10-ton (9 t) or larger excavators; the BF70 for 15-ton (13 t) or larger excavators; the BF90 for 25-ton (22 t) or larger excavators; and the BF120 for 40-ton (36 t) and larger excavators.

Production rates range from 15 tons (13.6 t) per hour on the smallest bucket up to 99 tons (90 t) per hour on the largest. The bucket crushes a maximum input product thickness of minus 15 in. (minus 38 cm) for recyclable material and minus 10 in. (minus 25 cm) for rock, into an end product that ranges from 6 in. down to minus 1 in. (15 to minus 2.5 cm).

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