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Benchmark New Distributor of MapSmart Volumes Package

Wed August 08, 2012 - Southeast Edition

(L-R): Bryan L. Willis Sr., Laser Technology Inc.; John Mooney, Josh Kearns, Mike Gaillard, all of Benchmark Tool & Supply Inc.
(L-R): Bryan L. Willis Sr., Laser Technology Inc.; John Mooney, Josh Kearns, Mike Gaillard, all of Benchmark Tool & Supply Inc.

On July 11 Benchmark Tool &?Supply Inc., hosted a MapSmart Volumes Package demo at its Concord, N.C., location, to announce that the company is now the local distributor for the system.

Guests gathered at the demo to see the TruPulse 360, in conjunction with Laser Technology Inc.’s (LTI) MapSmart with volume software, a new technology for measuring stockpile volumes.

According to the manufacturer, this instrument enables users to accurately measure the volume of aggregates, wood chips or anything else.

With LTI’s reflectorless laser system, a single operator can gather and record data from a safe distance, with results reported in a matter of hours.

With TruPulse 360:

• Accurately measure to aggregate, coal, wood chips, asphalt, etc.

• Lightweight, portable system designed for one person operation.

• Highly repeatable and accurate results.

• Limits safety liabilities.

LTI’s MapSmart Volumetrics software offers a simplified way to measure stockpile volumes, according to the manufacturer. The process is broken down into steps, which were covered in the demonstration.

1. Walk around the pile, temporarily marking instrument points that will afford full coverage of the surface.

2. Open a new MapSmart file to start collecting measures from your first control point.

3. Aim and shoot all necessary points on the pile from the starting location.

4. After collecting your last data point, aim and shoot to the next control point and then occupy that location.

5. Continue shooting the pile from each control point until the entire surface has been measured.

6. Once you have closed your traverse, enter the known material density and press CALC to view volume results.

According to Benchmark’s Tracy Skipper, “Benchmark Tool & Supply Inc. is excited about the new partnership with LTI. It is going to allow us to offer a cost-effective, precision measurement system to suit all of our customers with volumetric needs. It will provide a new alternative to traditional and GPS surveying methods, one designed to be easily and accurately used by the non-surveyor.”