Bowen Breaks Into Georgia Market With Trom 406 Rentals

Wed March 31, 2004 - Southeast Edition
Jennifer Conway

Every good business venture starts with one original idea, and that idea usually finds its roots in a specific need.

For Jeff Bowen, that need was a soil screener. Not just any soil screener, but a mobile one that could be used on small jobs. Most important, a screener that he could use for a limited time and return.

After searching Atlanta dealerships and rental facilities, Bowen found himself at a loss. He realized that finding a rental machine suited for smaller jobs was a much more difficult task than he originally imagined.

“There were a couple options out there for renting large screeners, which were out of my league in price and overkill in size,” said Bowen, who, over time, realized he was not alone, because many other contractors in the area were coming across the same problem.

Bowen eventually purchased a screener from Rick Cohen of Atlanta-based Screen USA, a trommel, screen and conveyor manufacturer.

“That was a couple of years ago,” Bowen said. “Last year, I approached Rick again about the rental, and he had just started manufacturing the Trom 406 at half the cost of the starting price of the bigger machines.”

Cohen noted, “After [we had] various conversations, Jeff recognized a niche market for the rental of smaller screens, while I recognized an opportunity for greater exposure of Screen USA products in the marketplace.”

The two men formed a camaraderie. Bowen found the company he could trust to supply new trommel screens and support, just what he needed to start his new business; Cohen found a way to get the word out on Screen USA’s products.

The newly formed company, Bowen Contract Screening, specializes in rentals of new trommels, and the machine of choice is the Screen USA Trom 406.

The heavy-duty trommel screen was designed and built at Screen USA specifically for small producers and is suited for screening topsoil, compost, peat, decomposed bark, sand, aglime and concrete washout. Featuring a variable-speed feed as well as a variable-speed trommel, the 406 can be set up within seconds after delivery.

“The Trom 406 that Jeff selected is ideal for small land clearing projects as well as varied landscaping projects,” said Cohen. “It is designed specifically to be loaded with a skid steer.”

Bowen added, “The machine is more versatile, more portable and does a better job at screening than the box-type screens. It turns the material and breaks it up as it screens.”

Landscapers who want to screen and reuse topsoil, rather than paying to send it to a landfill, will find the ability to rent the trommel useful, he noted, as well as golf course superintendents and parks and recreation departments that don’t have a need for a screen year round.

This is also true for people in the construction demolition and recycling industries, who have short-term contracts and people who just want to demo the machine, he added.

Cohen noted that because of the compact size of the Trom 406, the rental rates will be considerably less than larger screener units, an option that Bowen started searching for years ago –– and an option that can now be found in the Georgia market.

For more information, call Bowen Contract Screening at 770/922-7658.