Grove GMK3050-1


Height 184 ft (56 m)
Max Elevating Angle82 °
Max Height @ Max Raise Angle - no jib125 ft (38 m)
Max Lift Capacity138,891 lbs (63,001 kg)
Max Working Radius112 ft (34 m)
Min Height @ Max Raise Angle32 ft (10 m)
Min Working Radius10 ft (3 m)
Number of Sections5
Swing Speed3 rpm


Gross Power355 hp (265 kw)
Max Torque1,365 lbs/ft
Power Measured @1,800 rpm
Torque Measured @1,300 rpm


Carrier Length29 ft (9 m)
Transport Height12 ft (4 m)
Transport Length36 ft (11 m)
Transport Width8 ft (3 m)
Upper Structure Tail Swing Radius11 ft (3 m)
Width w/ Outriggers Extended20 ft (6 m)

Operating Specifications

100100 A
2424 V V
Carrier Fuel Capacity106 gal (400 l)
Number of Axels3
Operating Weight79,367 lbs (36,000 kg)
Tire Size14.00 R25


Max Speed - Forward50 mph (80 kph)
Max Speed - Reverse4 mph (7 kph)
Number of Forward Gears12
Number of Reverse Gears2
Transmission TypeZF-AS TRONIC automatic

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