Hitachi ZX 310 F-6 (VIH)


Ground Clearance2.60 ft (1 m)
Height to Top of Cab12.20 ft (4 m)
Length of Track on Ground13.40 ft (4 m)
Overall length50.50 ft (15 m)
Overall Width12 ft (4 m)
Track shoe width2.30 ft (1 m)
Width Over Tracks12 ft (4 m)


Displacement476 cu in (0 m)
Engine ModelIsuzu 6HK1
Net Power249.50 hp (186 kw)
Power Measured @1,900 rpm


Pump Flow Capacity65.60 gal/min (248 l/min)
Pump TypeVariable Axial Piston
Relief Valve Pressure4,974.80 psi


Fuel Capacity285.40 gal (1,080 l)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity51.60 gal (195 l)
Operating Weight92,038.60 lbs (41,748 kg)
Travel speed, high range2.70 mph (4 kph)


Number of Carrier Rollers per Side2
Number of track rollers(each side)9
Track Gauge9.60 ft (3 m)

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