Construction Fund Shortage Slows IL Projects

Fri May 16, 2003 - National Edition

The state is running short of construction money as the budget year nears an end, slowing work on the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and other projects.

”We’re essentially out of money,’ said Mia Jazo-Harris, spokeswoman for the Capital Development Board, which oversees state-funded construction.

She said the state has occasionally run out of construction money in past years late in the budget year, which ends June 30.

The governor’s budget office said the shortage should not cause serious problems. ”The bottom line is, nothing should come to a halt,’ said spokeswoman Becky Carroll.

The governor is transferring funds to the Capital Development Board to make sure projects can continue as scheduled, Carroll said.

The general contractor for the Lincoln library had reduced the number of construction crews. The library portion of the $115 million project is almost completed, and the museum portion is scheduled to be finished sometime next year.

The CDB has roughly 1,000 other projects under way throughout the state that are affected by the shortfall, Harris said.

She said she hopes the state sells more bonds soon to provide money for construction, and Carroll said a bond sale will be done ”shortly.’