Contractor Works 2 Million Hours Without Any Injuries

Fri August 31, 2007 - Southeast Edition

The employees at Southern Industrial Constructors Inc. and Southern Crane have worked 2 million hours without a single lost-time incident.

The companies’ safety department tracks the number of lost-time incidents for each hour its employees work. Southern Industrial/Southern Crane officials attribute the safety record to high standards and its employees’ commitment to follow best practices at all times.

“It may sound cliché, but safety is our No. 1 priority at Southern Industrial and Southern Crane, and this milestone reflects that,” said Earl Johnson III, president. “Strong workplace safety makes us more competitive as a business, to be sure. But at the end of the day, our employees return home to their families in the same shape they left — and that matters most.”

Throughout the past several years, Southern Industrial and Southern Crane experienced few lost-time incidents.

In 2003, employees worked 1,147,220 hours with a 0.17 lost-time incident rate. The rate is the number of injuries per 200,000 work hours. In 2004, they worked 1,294,628 hours with no lost-time incidents. In 2005, employees worked 1,480,690 hours with a 0.27 lost-time incident rate. And from Dec. 3, 2005, through June 2007, they worked more than 2 million hours with no lost-time incidents.

As part of its comprehensive workplace safety program, Southern Industrial/Southern Crane enforces strict employee and supervisor training, and conducts frequent site visits and equipment inspections.

Believing accountability to be important, officials post detailed safety records for all employees to see.

“I am immensely proud of all of my employees,” Johnson said. “To everyone who helped Southern Industrial and Southern Crane reach this milestone, I say congratulations and keep up the good work.”

Founded in 1962, the Raleigh, N.C.-based Southern Industrial Constructors and its wholly owned company, Southern Crane, provide a wide range of services throughout the Southeast, including turnkey industrial construction, industrial electrical construction, turnkey plant installations and relocations, plant maintenance, specialized metal fabrication, and turnkey crane and rigging service.

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