Contractor Sues Fargodome Over Roof Work

Fri November 29, 2002 - National Edition

FARGO, N.D. (AP) _ A contractor is suing this city and the group that oversees its largest arena, saying it is owed money for a roof repair


The lawsuit filed by KBW Associates says the city still owes $300,000 for roof work at the Fargodome that was completed in early


”We haven’t been paid, and we see no good reason not to be,’ said Kip Kaler, attorney for the contractor. ”The money is long past due.’

City Attorney Garylle Stewart said parts of the roof project were not done properly, which cost the dome money.

”We believe we’re entitled to the money for an improper finish,’ he said.

The city is expected to file a formal response to the lawsuit within three weeks. KBW Associates is seeking a jury trial to resolve the matter.

Roof problems have plagued the dome since it opened in 1992. A 1995 windstorm peeled away a large section of paneling. Two years later,

some roof seams and fasteners failed. Leaks also have been a problem through the years.

In April, the Fargo Dome Authority and city officials announced a $4 million settlement with architects and builders, ending nearly five

years of legal battles.

KBW was hired in the spring of 2001 to fix the problems, after submitting the low bid of $2 million. At the time, other contractors who

submitted bids questioned whether it was possible to fix the problems for that amount of money.

The Fargodome’s engineering firm estimated the project would cost $3.8 million.

”My thought at the time was, anytime something looks too good to be true, it usually is,’ Stewart said. ”I was concerned from the start.’

Kaler said Fargodome architects made modifications to the roof project as work was being done, creating extra costs.

”The conditions were not like they told us they would be,’ Kaler said.