Custom Crushing Adds Erin 1375,

Wed October 23, 2002 - Northeast Edition

When it comes to recycling projects in the northeast, Custom Crushing and Materials Inc., of Peekskill, NY, knows what it takes to get the job done right. The company is well established in New York, New England, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Recently, Custom added to its already vast fleet of crushing and screening equipment when it purchased a 165T finger screener and a 1375 tracked jaw crusher from Erin Systems Ltd. The company immediately put both to work on two major projects.

Custom Crushing is using its 165-T finger screener for removing pharmaceutical contamination from a lake bottom in New Jersey, where it is screening down to a 2-in. (5 cm) minus product, and the 165-T already is helping Custom keep the job on schedule. But, it could have been different if not for some test-drives ahead of time.

Harry Blustein, vice president of Custom Crushing, explained:

“Our customer demonstrated other machines and other products at the remediation site in New Jersey and generally the performance of the machines were not very good,” he said. “We mobilized an Erin FS 165T to the site for a brief demonstration. Our customer was required to meet certain daily production levels. We were confident the Erin could meet the production levels, and it did. A jaw crusher will commonly produce a 5-in. product.

“The Erin machine was custom-designed and built for this type of application and was producing the product that our customer needed. Because we are a company that responds very quickly to the needs of our customers, we purchased the unit.”

According to Blustein, the 165TA secret to success is the two decks of finger screens.

“It gave us the separation of material that we were looking for and it separated the material much faster than any of the other machines that had been demonstrated,” he said.

Custom Crushing’s other Erin Systems machine, the Power Crusher 1375 tracked jaw crusher, is hard at work in some very rocky conditions on a Home Depot construction site in Rhode Island.

There, all of the material that is being produced at the Home Depot location is being re-used on the site. And Blustein has been very pleased with 1375’s performance.

“The Erin jaw crusher allows us to make a very small product that is not elongated. That is due to the quattro movement of the Erin crusher. It makes a tremendous difference,” he said.

As with the 165-T, Custom Crushing tried out the jaw crusher before committing to purchase it and, again, the company was very satisfied with the performance.

“We just felt [after trying out the 1375], that the jaw crusher would allow us to satisfy our customers and help us provide a superior end-product with higher than expected production rates,” Blustein said.

As with any piece of equipment, service can be just as important as performance and, according to Blustein, Erin’s service has been exemplary.

“We’ve been using Erin products for several months now and we’re very happy with the support. The parts we need are generally in stock, and we received very good technical support upon delivery of the machines. They came in and showed us the proper setup and operation of each machine and properly trained our people in the operation of both the crusher and screening unit,” Blustein said.

Custom Crushing also owns three additional screening plants and at times it has operated as many as seven, depending on rental demands from their customers. Custom owns 12 crushers, including cone, jaw and impact crushers, and has a fleet of excavators, dozers and wheel loaders. Currently, Custom Crushing has several ongoing projects in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Custom Crushing and Materials was founded in 1999. The company will crush approximately 500,000 tons of aggregate this year and expects to double that number by the end of 2004.