Cutler Awarded Two Educational Construction Projects

Wed February 11, 2004 - Northeast Edition

Cutler Associates has been awarded two construction management projects in eastern Pennsylvania; a residence hall project at Kutztown University and an academic building addition and renovation to the Armenian Sisters Academy.

Cutler Associates began construction at Kutztown University to build the Golden Bear Village to house more than 500 students for occupancy in the fall of 2004. The project includes a four-story building with 70 apartments, including laundry facilities, community lounge areas and kitchen space.

In addition, the Village will include three other garden-style apartment buildings; one building will house six apartments, one will have 12 apartments and the other will have 18 apartments. All three buildings will have five bedrooms per apartment. The Village includes units for resident life staff and student offices. Designers for the project are STV Architects from Douglassville, PA.

Cutler also has begun construction for the addition and renovations to the Armenian Sisters Academy in Radnor, PA. The three-story, 18,000-sq.-ft. addition will include new classrooms, library, science lab, cafeteria, elevator and restrooms. The existing space will be redesigned to include a 6,000-sq.-ft. area that will create a multi-purpose space for the gymnasium with a stage and balcony. Intense safety procedures have been designed to ensure student, staff and faculty safety during the construction process. This project is designed by Del Ciotto Architects Inc. from North Wales, PA.

Cutler Associates services clients in the education, corporate/industrial and elder care markets from its locations in Allentown, PA, Worcester, MA, and Tampa, FL.

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