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DESA Heating Introduces Pro-Tough Series Portable Forced Air Heaters

Thu February 14, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

One of the greatest challenges of working in cold weather is heating the job site. For more than 30 years, the choices for job site forced air heaters has remained relatively unchanged and cumbersome.

New for this winter’s working season, DESA Heating’s Pro-Tough series features a professional-grade, workspace-friendly, versatile-fuel, forced air heater. The Pro-Tough heater weighs less, operates more quietly and is more maneuverable and portable than traditionally designed forced air heaters, according to the manufacturer.

Fuel options include kerosene, diesel, jet fuel and fuel oil.

Worker-Friendly Design for Added Safety, Productivity

Construction workers suffer from sprains and muscle strains associated with daily lifting, loading, pushing and pulling.

According to Loss Control Services of CNA Insurance, this type of activity is one of the largest causes of injuries resulting in lost workdays — second only to the common cold. The potential for musculoskeletal injuries of the hands, shoulders, neck and back are further compounded when working in frigid temperatures.

The Pro-Tough series is easy to transport and reduces the concern of work-related injuries or back pain resulting from carrying awkwardly lifting or maneuvering old heaters.

Through extensive cold-weather job site research and product development, DESA Heating uncovered numerous opportunities for improving the way workers transport and use portable heating devices. Workers identified the problems they have with the aches and pains that naturally come along with working in cold weather. They also complained about supposedly “portable” heaters that were too noisy, heavy and difficult to maneuver — so difficult, in fact, that they often ended up carrying traditional “portable” heaters to the job site.

“Designing the next generation of kerosene forced air heater was a major undertaking,” said DESA Senior Product Manager Griffin Bland.

“We specifically addressed the needs and complaints of the end-user. We designed Pro-Tough to be truly portable, easy to use, quieter, durable and, of course, dependable. By designing a heat source that’s easier to transport and use, we hope to make countless workers more comfortable and hopefully even reduce the number of cold-weather-related injuries.”

DESA engineers included several design features that improve portability and performance, according to the manufacturer.

DESA addressed the challenge of job site maneuverability by looking to another job site tool for inspiration — the wheelbarrow.

The new Pro-Tough heater is designed like a heavy-duty wheelbarrow with ergonomic handles and a single, 10-in. (25 cm) pneumatic tire that treads easily through job sites of rocks, mud and steep planks. Weighing 10 percent lighter than older models also improves its maneuverability.

The Pro-Tough series, which operates 15 percent quieter than older models, includes a 13.5-gal. (51 L) fuel tank for extended running time before refueling. The larger tank allows even the 100,000 btu model to run for up to 18 hours and heat 2,400 sq. ft. (223 sq m).

The series also includes models in 150,000 and 200,000 btu output for heavy-duty, on-the-job heating needs.

The easy-to-read, top-mounted LED controls display the thermostat setting, ambient temperature and diagnostic codes. And, for an extra power source on the job site, it also features an auxiliary power outlet for light-duty tools. It even comes equipped with its own roll bar for added protection.

The Pro-Tough heaters manufactured by DESA are available at distributors nationwide in DESA’s major brands, Reddy Heater and Master.

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