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Barloworld Finanzauto
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Avenue Madrid, No. 43 CP 28500
Arganda del Ray Madrid, Spain

Used Equipment
Ph: +34 91 875 04 88

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Asphalt / Concrete / Paving1995 Lebrero 311TT$13,800.00 EURMore →
Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2007 Caterpillar AP-600$55,000.00 EURMore →
Backhoe Loaders2015 Caterpillar 427F2Call for PriceMore →
Backhoe Loaders2004 Caterpillar 432D$21,000.00 EURMore →
Backhoe Loaders2010 Caterpillar 432E$53,500.00 EURMore →
Backhoe Loaders2007 Caterpillar 434E$32,500.00 EURMore →
Backhoe Loaders1998 Caterpillar 438C$19,950.00 EURMore →
Crawler Dozers2015 Caterpillar D5K XL II$109,000.00 EURMore →
Crawler Dozers2011 Caterpillar D8T$317,000.00 EURMore →
Drills2007 Caterpillar H70$2,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2014 Caterpillar 300.9D$16,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2014 Caterpillar 301.4C$19,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2007 Caterpillar 302.5C$8,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2016 Caterpillar 302.7D$31,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2001 Caterpillar 303.5$9,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2015 Caterpillar 303E$33,000.00 EURMore →
Excavators2004 Caterpillar 307C$20,000.00 EURMore →
Excavators2010 Caterpillar 308D CR SB$49,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2011 Caterpillar 320D$84,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2015 Caterpillar 323D2L$119,000.00 EURMore →
Excavators2014 Caterpillar 349DL$242,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators1999 Case 988$12,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2016 Caterpillar M318F$144,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2006 Komatsu PW200-7K$42,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2007 Case WX210$50,000.00 EURMore →
Motor Graders2012 Caterpillar 14M$244,500.00 EURMore →
Motor Graders2012 Caterpillar 14M$242,500.00 EURMore →
Off-Highway Trucks2010 Caterpillar 730$144,000.00 EURMore →
Off-Highway Trucks2008 Caterpillar 730Call for PriceMore →
Off-Highway Trucks2010 Caterpillar 735Call for PriceMore →