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Trusted Since 1994, At Impeco Corp, we know that only the most highly qualified staff, durable equipment and outstanding service are going to work when it comes to meeting your equipment needs – and that’s exactly what we provide. Since 1994, we’ve been the trusted used equipment dealer of customers from all over United States and overseas.

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Engines2018 John Deere 204L$48,200.00 More →
Engines2017 Caterpillar 289D$42,800.00 More →
Engines2019 Caterpillar 289D$41,700.00 More →
Engines2013 Caterpillar 299D$32,300.00 More →
Engines2013 Caterpillar 299D$32,200.00 More →
Engines2014 Caterpillar 299D XHP$52,400.00 More →
Engines2016 Caterpillar 299D2$38,900.00 More →
Engines2018 Caterpillar 299D2$37,100.00 More →
Engines2020 John Deere 3039R$25,500.00 More →
Engines2011 Caterpillar 308D CR$30,400.00 More →
Engines2015 John Deere 310SK$36,000.00 More →
Engines2004 Caterpillar 312CL$39,800.00 More →
Engines2014 Caterpillar 320EL$128,000.00 More →
Engines2013 Caterpillar 329EL$96,600.00 More →
Engines2018 Caterpillar 330FL$110,500.00 More →
Engines2015 John Deere 333E$39,600.00 More →
Engines2016 John Deere 333E$32,700.00 More →
Engines2015 John Deere 4066R MFWD$27,300.00 More →
Engines2012 John Deere 410K$31,900.00 More →
Engines2012 Caterpillar 420E$35,800.00 More →
Engines2007 Caterpillar 420E IT$31,000.00 More →
Engines2004 John Deere 544J$50,200.00 More →
Engines2014 Case 580 SUPER N$38,500.00 More →
Engines2013 John Deere 6115D$36,500.00 More →
Engines2013 John Deere 6115D MFWD$34,800.00 More →
Engines2012 John Deere 6125R MFWD$56,200.00 More →
Engines2013 John Deere 6125R MFWD$58,500.00 More →
Engines2017 John Deere 6175M MFWD$71,000.00 More →
Engines2011 Case 621E XR$45,900.00 More →
Engines2005 John Deere 6420 MFWD$29,200.00 More →

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