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2065 Commerce Drive
Centerville, MN 55038
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Jon Pederson
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Ruffridge-Johnson Equipment Co, Inc. is an authorized dealer for Beuthling, Bomag, Carlson, Doppstadt, EIW, Esco, Masaba, Mauldin, Rosco, Terex, Thor

Revolver Solves Blaine, Minn., Street Sweeping Dilemma

According to the state of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency "street sweepings are materials such as sand, salt, leaves and debris removed from city streets, parking lots and sidewalks to prevent these materials from being washed into storm sewers and surface waters, and is done to improve the appearance of public roadways." Regarding reusing street sweepings, the same report states that "test results have shown street sweepings from normal sweeping operations are safe and acceptable for reuse in many areas." The state mandated that unless street sweepings had the organics and trash removed from the aggregates, the street sweepings could not be reused and had to be disposed of in an approved landfill....

Ulland Relies on Ruffridge Johnson, Bomag to Meet IC Spec.

Thermal segregation — temperature differences in hot mix asphalt (HMA) — and aggregate segregation — the non-uniform distribution of coarse and fine aggregates within the asphalt mixture — can cause premature failure of asphalt roads....

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