Zeppelin Baumaschinen
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Graf-Zeppelin-Platz 2
Garching Bei Munich, Germany

Harald Diemel
Ph: +49 6631 96010

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Asphalt / Concrete / Paving2005 Dynapac F182CSCall for PriceMore →
Crawler Dozers2009 Caterpillar D10TCall for PriceMore →
Crawler Dozers2013 Caterpillar D6KCall for PriceMore →
Crawler Dozers2013 Caterpillar D6N$159,000.00 EURMore →
Drills2014 Atlas Copco HB2500CLII DUST OQ70Call for PriceMore →
Drills2014 Atlas Copco HB2500DUST HY.HAMMERCall for PriceMore →
Drills2015 Atlas Copco SB152 MS03Call for PriceMore →
Excavators2012 Caterpillar 301.8$15,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2011 Caterpillar 301.8$15,400.00 EURMore →
Excavators2011 Caterpillar 302.5C$21,900.00 EURMore →
Excavators2010 Caterpillar 302.5C$20,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2011 Caterpillar 302.5C$15,000.00 EURMore →
Excavators2006 Caterpillar 302.5CCall for PriceMore →
Excavators2012 Caterpillar 303.5D CR$26,900.00 EURMore →
Excavators2012 Caterpillar 305E$28,800.00 EURMore →
Excavators2010 Caterpillar 308D CR SBCall for PriceMore →
Excavators2007 Caterpillar 323DL$56,000.00 EURMore →
Excavators2007 Caterpillar 323DLCall for PriceMore →
Excavators2014 Caterpillar 324ELNCall for PriceMore →
Excavators2012 Caterpillar 324ELNCall for PriceMore →
Excavators2009 Caterpillar 325D$89,000.00 EURMore →
Excavators2015 Caterpillar 329E$187,500.00 EURMore →
Excavators2010 Caterpillar 336DL$89,900.00 EURMore →
Excavators2011 Caterpillar 350$23,000.00 EURMore →
Excavators2011 Caterpillar 350Call for PriceMore →
Excavators2013 Wacker Neuson 75Z3RD$41,000.00 EURMore →
Excavators2008 Sennebogen 825$59,000.00 EURMore →
Excavators2012 Case CX370C$81,700.00 EURMore →
Excavators2013 Bobcat E26$26,900.00 EURMore →
Excavators2005 Ford E385Call for PriceMore →