Deere Chairman Asks President for Support of Highway Funding Bill

Thu October 16, 2003 - National Edition

In his recent meeting with President Bush in Chicago, John Deere Chairman Bob Lane asked the President to do all he could to see that a new multi-year highway funding bill is enacted before the February 2004 expiration - not just another temporary extension of current law, as some in Congress might suggest.

"A steady and consistent funding stream is important to contractors as they seek to employ workers on a regular basis and justify investing in new construction-related equipment," Lane said.

The same day, the President had signed a stop-gap, five-month highway funding extension bill that will expire on February 29, 2004. The prior six-year highway authorization expired on September 30, 2003.

Other topics, such as the need for good legal policy, an energy plan and fair international trade for manufacturers, also were discussed.