Ditch Witch of NC Offers Hands-On Training in Raleigh

Wed April 14, 2004 - Southeast Edition

On Tuesday, March 30, Ditch Witch of North Carolina held its Underground Equipment and Technology Expo at the State Fair Grounds in Raleigh, NC.

Approximately 550 people attended the event, which showcased several new Ditch Witch products as well as the complete product line.

Ditch Witch of North Carolina also offered a number of training activities including sessions on bariod mud mixing, trench safety, rock drilling and landscaping.

“[The event] went great,” said Travis Wilkey, Ditch Witch of North Carolina CEO. “We had a lot of participation in the classes that we sponsored. In fact, most of them were standing room only.

“Anytime you put on an event like this you hope that it will be something worthwhile,” he continued. “Not only for your business but for your customers, and I think [everyone] enjoyed having those classes. Of course, anytime you can get groups of people like that together, and they can learn, that’s worth something.”

Ditch Witch of North Carolina is based in Garner, NC.

For more information, call 919/772-1214.