Ditch Witch Parent Wins Export Award

Sat September 20, 2003 - West Edition

The Charles Machine Works, Inc. (CMW) has received the 2003 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting.

Lieutenant Governor Mary Fallin presented the prestigious award to Ed Malzahn, company founder, president, and CEO, during the 20th annual Oklahoma World Trade Conference at the Clarion Meridian Hotel and Convention Center in Oklahoma City.

The Perry, OK, company manufactures Ditch Witch underground construction equipment and has had an active international sales program since 1958.

“It is a pleasure to honor the Charles Machine Works, one of the most-respected corporations in the State of Oklahoma, tracing its roots to a blacksmith shop established before statehood,” said Fallin. Ditch Witch equipment has installed much of the world’s underground utility infrastructure, and the company continues to be an active participant in international markets.”

The Ditch Witch product line includes trenchers, vibratory plows, horizontal directional drilling systems, electronic tracking, utility locators, skid steer units, mini excavators, vacuum excavation systems, and related products. Ditch Witch equipment is used to install underground utility lines, including telecommunications and electrical cable; natural gas, water, irrigation, and sewer pipes; petroleum and natural gas pipelines; and for other underground projects.

The trenchless procedure of horizontal directional drilling minimizes surface damage during installation of underground pipe and cable and is very popular in overseas markets.

Fallin noted that Malzahn invented the world’s first compact trenching machine in 1949, a development that helped change the way underground utility infrastructure is constructed. Since that time, the company has built and sold more than 50 percent of the world’s trenching machines. The Ditch Witch trencher has twice been recognized by Fortune magazine as one of the 100 best products built in America.

“Ditch Witch products are made in the United States and sold and supported by a worldwide dealer organization,” concluded Fallin. “Ditch Witch products are being shipped to Latin America, Europe, Australia, and Asia and will continue to play a vital role in the upgrading and expansion of the world’s utility infrastructure.”