Don Jon Marine Company Adds a Giant ’Scissor’ to Its Tool Crib

Wed December 28, 2005 - Northeast Edition

Don Jon Marine Company Inc., Iron and Metal Division, a Staten Island-based marine salvage contractor, has added a “giant” shear to its tool crib. It is a Genesis XP 1000 shear weighing in at 16,400 lbs. (7,439 kg) and capable of cutting 30-in. (76 cm) I beams and 26-in. (66 cm) pipes.

It exerts 1,500 tons (1,361 t) of throat force, 270 tons (245 t) of tip force and 526 ton (477 t) of apex force (half way between the tip and throat). In its open position, the jab opening measures 38 by 38 in. ( 96 by 96 cm).

The shear’s piercing tips are bolt-on, not weld-on, reducing replacement time from days to hours. The Genesis also can be converted to a rotating shear with relative ease.

For more information, call 800/446-3362.