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Doosan Moxy MT41 Articulated Dump Truck Combines Power, Stability, Traction

Wed June 30, 2010 - National Edition

The Doosan Moxy MT41 articulated dump truck offers high horsepower per ton of loaded weight, a free-swinging rear tandem bogie and a special articulation system for outstanding productivity and driving performance.

The MT41 is powered by a Tier III compliant, 444-hp (331 kW) Scania diesel engine that provides a power-to-weight ratio of 6.38 hp (4.7 kW) per ton. It has a payload capacity of 82,010 lbs. (37,199 kg).

The turning ring on the MT41 is located in front of the articulation joint, ensuring equal weight distribution to the front wheels at all times, even in maximum turns. This results in easier steering and less front tire wear. The MT41 also features independent front-wheel suspension for better traction and superior operator comfort.

Permanent 6-wheel drive provides traction in rough terrain. The free-swinging rear tandem bogie allows the rear wheels to maintain ground contact at all times. Only one differential lock/limited slip differential is required on the rear axles, resulting in less driveline and tire wear.

The sloping body ensures a low center of gravity and excellent weight distribution, further enhancing the stability of the MT41 and providing fast and easy tipping for increased productivity, according to the manufacturer.

A fully automatic transmission provides six forward speeds and three reverse. Top speed is 32.9 mph (53 kmh) in high range and 21.1 mph (34 kmh) in low range.

Wet disk brakes provide more efficient braking under load, even in very adverse conditions such as deep mud and water. Because they are fully encased in oil, brake discs also last longer, reducing maintenance costs.

The comfortable, air-conditioned cabin features an air suspension seat, low noise and vibration levels and enhanced visibility, due to the sloping front hood. The “tip-tronic” gearshift allows the operator to run the truck in both automatic and manual gears for the smoothest possible gear-shifts and momentum.

The wide-opening hood of the MT41 provides access to the engine for easy maintenance. In addition, the cabin tilts for access to the transmission and hydraulic components. Because all electrical and air conditioning connections are at the rear of the cabin, they do not need to be disconnected in order to tilt the cabin.

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