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Feds Grant Augusta Airport $3.5 Million for New Terminal

Fri October 10, 2003 - Southeast Edition

AUGUSTA, GA (AP) Augusta Regional Airport received a $3.5-million federal grant to help build a new terminal, to improve runway safety and enhance overall security, U.S. Rep. Max Burns said.

The grant through the U.S. Department of Transportation was approximately $1.5 million more than the amount the airport would have received automatically in discretionary funds because it has a master plan in place.

“Augusta Regional Airport is a vital asset to Georgia’s 12th District,” Burns said in a news release. “I am very pleased to announce this $3.5-million grant and will continue to support the overall enhancement of the airport.”

Kathryn Solee, a spokeswoman for the airport, said the grant would greatly help in the construction of a new terminal. Earlier this year, airport officials were worried they might not receive extra funding from the state or federal government for the project.

Officials have estimated the cost of a new terminal at approximately $30 million. Solee said the terminal project is yet to be totally funded, but “every million dollars helps.”