Fluor Submits Proposal to Build Trans Texas Corridor

Sat March 08, 2003 - West Edition

A private sector proposal to develop part of the Trans Texas Corridor – a statewide multi-modal network that will address the state’s future mobility needs – is being reviewed by state transportation officials.

The Texas Transportation Commission, which was briefed on the proposal during its monthly meeting Feb. 28, directed the Texas Department of Transportation to investigate options to develop the corridor, including how to proceed with an environmental study.

“Public-private partnerships are key to making the Trans Texas Corridor happen,” said John W. Johnson, Texas Transportation Commissioner. “This proposal is another indication that the time is right – and the concept solid – to build the corridor.”

The unsolicited conceptual proposal, submitted by Fluor Enterprises Inc. of Sugarland, TX, outlines a plan to develop one of the four priority segments of the corridor, which will be designed to move people, goods and ideas faster and more safely than ever before. Fluor proposes to build road, rail and utility zones along a corridor from Denison to the Rio Grande Valley, which parallels segments of I-35, I-37 and proposed I-69.

“We welcome private sector plans that may spur other competing ideas making the corridor more than a concept,” said Johnson.

Before a final decision is made, TxDOT will post a public notice requesting competing proposals so that the selected proposal offers the state the best long-term value.

The Trans Texas Corridor will be a multi-modal transportation system that includes separate lanes for passenger vehicles and trucks, high-speed passenger rail, commuter and freight rail and a dedicated utility zone for water, petroleum pipelines, electricity and data.