Foley COO Presents DBSi Success Story to Caterpillar’s Board

Wed September 10, 2003 - Northeast Edition

Susan Connolly, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Foley, recently met with the board of directors of Caterpillar to present the successful roll-out of DBSi at Foley.

DBSi is a new computer software system that optimizes dealer operations to provide greater value to customers. Included in DBSi are Siebel, a customer relationship management (CRM) software package; SAP, a financial software package; and software packages for the power systems and rental services operations.

Foley is one of the first Caterpillar dealers in the nation to install this new operating system.

Connolly was invited to meet with the Caterpillar board of directors because it was impressed with reports on the successful roll-out of of DBSi at the dealership.

“DBSi is a major advancement for Caterpillar dealers, which improves how we transact business and respond to customer needs. This state-of-the-art system enables us to communicate faster, access better and timelier information and streamline operations,” said Connolly.

“Thanks to DBSi our salespeople are better informed about the status of machine inventories, purchase orders, and repair schedules when they call on their customers, so they can answer key questions and follow-up accordingly. All of this enabled Foley to respond to customer needs quicker, provide solutions to customer problems, and help customers grow their business,” she said.

At the end of the presentation, the board acknowledged Foley for being at the forefront with DBSi, as well as other key initiatives such as 6 Sigma and repair process integrator (RPI).

In July, Foley was awarded Caterpillar’s 2002 annual quality improvement (AQI) award based on the success with these initiatives.

Foley is the Caterpillar dealer in northern New Jersey, Staten Island and Bermuda.