Former NY Governor to Chair Construction Watchdog Group

Wed August 22, 2012 - National Edition

Former New York Governor David Paterson.
Former New York Governor David Paterson.

Former New York State Governor David Paterson will serve as Chairman of Icon Compliance Services, LLC, a firm that will monitor the integrity of the construction sector by conducting independent investigations and working closely with law enforcement, regulators and others with an interest in the integrity of the construction sector. Icon will also develop appropriate policies and procedures for client organizations and conduct monitoring services.

Paterson will join Brian Aryai, a former vice president of Bovis Construction, as well former U.S. Treasury agent for 13 years, who is noted for has coming out very publically against questionable business practices in the industry.

Mr. Paterson, who served as the 55th Governor of New York began his career with the District Attorney’s office. He was later elected to the New York State Senate. Governor Spitzer then selected Mr. Paterson as his running mate during the 2006 gubernatorial campaign. When Governor Spitzer resigned, David Paterson became the Governor of New York. During the 2008 fiscal crisis he was credited for major reductions in spending and the implementation of an inflation-indexed property tax cap. After leaving office, Mr. Paterson became a leading consultant in real estate and construction.

Mr. Aryai is a former federal agent and former senior vice president of finance at Bovis Lend Lease. Additionally, Mr. Aryai served as a senior executive and officer at three other public companies. He is specifically known for his investigative as well as antifraud experience and has contributed to efforts to expose and remediate corrupt practices in the construction industry.