Furukawa Rock Drill USA Introduces HCR1100-ER Drill With Increased Impact

Fri October 07, 2016 - National Edition

The new HCR1100-ER drill from FRD USA drills larger diameter holes, while offering enhanced operator control.
The new HCR1100-ER drill from FRD USA drills larger diameter holes, while offering enhanced operator control.

Furukawa Rock Drill USA, a manufacturer of blast hole drills, hydraulic breakers and various other attachments for skid steers, mini-excavators, backhoes and excavators, is introducing a high performing blast hole drill that delivers better penetration than its predecessor with increased impact — all while offering enhanced fuel efficiency, according to the manufacturer.

When coupled with the Furukawa HD822 drifter, the HCR1100-ER Drill is proven to minimize drill noise and vibration while increasing performance. Specifically, the drill delivers 55 percent more impact and 28 percent more airflow than its predecessor, giving customers the ability to drill larger diameter holes in harder rock.

For the operator, the HCR1100-ER is all about ease and performance. The dual dampening system stabilizes the bit against the rock, ensuring efficient energy transfer and straighter holes; in fact the system automatically adjusts the drifter for maximum performance regardless of the rock condition. In overall design, the control station is positioned to keep the operator away from drill rotation and dust, while the monitoring system gives a quick visual of engine temperature, hydraulic oil temperature and fluid levels.

Other performance features of the HCR1100-ER include:

• A low emission, Tier-IV Cummins engine that meets strict North American exhaust emissions regulations.

• FRD's TFSS (total fuel savings system), so the operator can select the optimum engine speed for the application.

• A rod changer that allows for the install of five drill steels plus one starter rod.

• A winch-ready frame that adds application versatility.

• Optional wireless remote allows tramming and drilling from a secondary location.

Additional improvements include increased performance features for better: impact rates (up to 3,300 blows per minute), drifter power (up to 29.5 hp), traction (up to 19,700 lb.-force), shoe width (up to 13-in.) and dust collection (up to 918 cfm [26 cu m/min]).

For more information, call 330/673-5826 or visit www.frdusa.com.