Galaxy Materials Crushes Landfill Debris for Profit in Ariz.

Thu January 08, 2009 - West Edition

Arizona, the Grand Canyon state, is known for its natural wonders and desert landscape, rich in plants such as cactus and other dry weather plants. In the hot and dry climate, most desert inhabitants make use of every drop of rain and maximize the elements, such as using the sun on solar panels for home heating and cooling.

Everything that can be used to benefit the environment is taken into consideration. The same can be said for Galaxy Materials, a crushing operation in the Rio Salado landfill in Phoenix, Ariz., crushing every piece of demolition debris dumped at the landfill, and using the recycled product to turn a profit.

Recycled Debris

For the past three years, Galaxy Materials has been receiving demolition debris at the landfill, recycling the concrete and asphalt into a marketable product and selling the spec to contractors in the surrounding area. To prepare the demolition material for crushing, Galaxy Materials must remove the steel rebar. It purchased two MCP Series hydraulic pulverizers from Breaker Technology (BTI) to accomplish this. Attached to Volvo trackhoes, these attachments have increased the amount of material crushed and sold back into the marketplace as a recycled product.

According to President Chad Beito, approximately 2,000 tons (1,814 t) of gravel is crushed each day.

Equipment of Choice

When Beito made the decision to take control of the recycling operation, he also made the decision to purchase his own equipment. A loyal BTI customer, Beito looked into the MCP hydraulic pulverizer attachments which could be used on a variety of carriers, meaning his existing trackhoes could be outfitted to crush various debris.

“It made economic sense to me to purchase equipment I knew would be great quality, and would be able to be used immediately,” said Beito. “My main objective was to get more material out of what I was receiving to positively affect the company’s bottom line.”

Beito owns two MCP Series hydraulic pulverizers, the MCP910 and the MCP1000. Both attachments are the perfect tool for secondary demolition and recycling of concrete. The jaw’s design makes grabbing material on the ground or in a pile easy for the operator. Some concrete chunks contain steel which the pulverizer easily separates from the concrete.

“We purchased both attachments to extract rebar and other debris from the raw material before it is crushed,” said Beito. “Major damage can occur from steel getting into the crusher and causing downtime or significant repair.”

Landfill Solution

It was important to Beito, and to the livelihood of Galaxy Materials, to be able to get the dumped concrete down to a manageable size and free of steel.

“To be able to recycle the material reduces the amount of construction and demolition waste being dumped into the landfill,” said Beito. “Our solution to help in that effort was to utilize the right equipment in order to create a new product from dumped material, and to make a profit from our efforts.”

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