Gap Power Rentals Plus, Somero Help Operators Laser Screed Vast Areas

Wed August 24, 2005 - Northeast Edition

Gap Power Rentals Plus, a construction equipment dealer and rental store, has announced that its operators have now laser screeded in excess of 1 million sq. ft. of concrete in the Mid-Atlantic area. Using the Somero Copperhead XD walk-behind laser screeds, it has served concrete contractors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware.

Equally capable of doing laser screeding on deck as well as on grade, Gap Power has achieved for its customers “F” and “FF” numbers not attainable with hand screeding, reported Willy Stoltzfus, Gap Power owner.

Going places where larger laser screeds dare not go due to weight is no problem for the XD — the machine is simply lifted onto the deck with a forklift or crane.

Operator Raymond Esh reported that contractors value his expertise and will, in most cases, hire him for the entire pour instead of having their operators learn the machine, although he and Matt Riehl, salesperson, train operators on how to efficiently use the rental laser screed as well as train new owners in proper Copperhead operation of XD machines purchased from Gap Power.

Typical training requires an eight hour day plus assistance in setup the next day.

Being able to laser screed in excess of 15,000 sq. ft. per day has enabled many small to medium concrete contractors to bid and win jobs that may have been out of reach before hiring Gap Power or owning a Copperhead XD.

Gap Power Rentals Plus was founded in 1986 and has been a Somero distributor since the Copperhead was introduced in 2002.

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