GA Police Find $1 Million in Stolen Contruction Equipment

Tue September 09, 2003 - National Edition

SAVANNAH, GA (AP) A man who police say stole $1 million in construction equipment to build his new home was caught when he almost hit an off-duty corporal with his truck while hauling a load of supplies.

William James has been charged with theft by receiving stolen property, Savannah police said.

Cpl. Linda Overstreet said she was driving home from work around 4 a.m. Thursday, Sept 4, when she was almost hit by a speeding truck loaded with building materials. The driver fled when officers stopped the vehicle but was tracked to his home in the Coffee Bluff community of Savannah.

There, officers found approximately $1 million in stolen equipment, including tractors, trucks, work trailers, mowers, saws and stacks of lumber.

"At the house, police discovered a tremendous amount of property,’ said Savannah police spokesman P.M. Reilley. "Many of the items were hidden adjacent to a house Mr. James was building.’

Police say much of the property probably was taken from Chatham and Glynn counties, as well as Jasper County in South Carolina. At least one item, a computer, was traced to as far away as California.